About the Natural Instinct Method

The Natural Instinct Method of Dog Training is a revolutionary new dog training technique that fuses dog psychology together with human psychology to create a method of dog training like never before. It helps you see the world through your dog’s eyes and learn to speak fluent canine and communicate with your dog on an entirely new level. This method was developed by professional dog trainer Gary Adams. Gary has logged over 18,000 hours working with clients and their dogs in their homes. Through observing his clients’ relationships with their dogs and the interaction between owner and dog, he developed a method of training that is focused on the owner-dog relationship and bettering understanding and communication between the dog and human. This revolutionary style of dog training will change your relationship with your dog, forever.

Follow Our Adventures

Gary and his trio of huskies Ruddie, Buddy and Steve are hitting the road on a big adventure to share the Natural Instinct Method of dog training with people across the country. Their mission is to help as many dogs and families as possible – while sharing life in an RV with three crazy huskies! Follow their adventures on social media and learn about opportunities to see and work with Gary in your area.